A particular scenario where this outlook plays out, is on college campuses. Given the proportionately larger presence of young, single women than in the general population, with international students in the mix, it becomes a prime hunting grounds for a particular type of disillusioned white older man looking for a younger, non-white woman to nurse his wounds. The man could be a thrice divorced professor, openly disillusioned with white American women he sees as too demanding (unlike brown women who "know their place"). It could be an older male student brushing up on professional skills after a considerable financial decline (and rejection from the white women he pursued). Then there are the middle-aged or older women egging on the young women to pair up with one of those men, because of the presumed social status provided by a White American Man.

My point is not about men of any particular heritage actively seeking out women of certain demographics. Everyone has their own partner preferences -aesthetic and otherwise. It is about bright, promising young women (some of whom are unaware of the dynamics of a culture or environment new to them) having to navigate this additional burden of being seen not as individuals, but as "comfort women".